Jozwiak: The Power to Mandate Masks Belongs in the Hands of Our School Districts
HARRISBURG – Following the administration’s universal mask mandate announcement for all Pennsylvania K-12 schools, Rep. Barry Jozwiak (R-Berks) provided the below statement voicing his immense frustration with this new order.

“The governor again went back on his promise to Pennsylvanians that there would be no additional mandates and again stripped our school districts’ ability to make their own decisions regarding their students and staff. Government intervention should never be the answer to override our local officials and board members especially since this pandemic continues to affect our counties differently,” said Jozwiak. “This is another example of the governor continuing to flip flop on critical issues that affect our Commonwealth as a whole. My colleagues and I will do everything in our capacity to fight this extreme government overreach.”

Representative Barry Jozwiak
5th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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