Jozwiak Statement on Automatic Voter Registration Mandate
HARRISBURG – In response to Gov. Josh Shapiro’s mandate to automatically register voters at PennDOT driver license and photo centers, Rep. Barry Jozwiak (R-Berks) released the following statement.

“First and foremost, the General Assembly has the sole constitutional authority to legislate,” said Jozwiak. “This mandate follows a dangerous precedent that circumvents the duty of legislators who are elected by the people to vote on issues like this.”

Jozwiak highlighted that many voters already have concerns with election integrity, stating, “Pennsylvania already has questions with our election process following the implementation of Act 77 of 2019. This does nothing to address existing issues with our elections and only creates more questions and room for error.”

Jozwiak also noted several issues with the mandate itself, “We don’t know how this system will prevent the registration of people who are ineligible to vote, including non-citizens and those under the age of 18, nor if the system is secure from hackers or glitches. This also places an undue burden on PennDOT workers who will have to handle voter registration questions and our county election officials who may have to deal with duplicate voter registrations or other voter roll issues.”

Representative Barry Jozwiak
5th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Jacob Misal